Roland Rollinmud



Roland Rollinmud is a talented, committed artist with a trained eye and hand. Sensitized by his Stoney Nakoda First Nation heritage in the Alberta foothills, he is widely recognized for his interpretations of Nature and First Nations traditional themes. He has a gift of seeing the freedom in his subject matter, whether a pair of eagles soaring overhead, a gander preparing its goslings for first flight, his grandfather providing food for the long winter, or a young fancy dancer moving to heartbeat drums. 

He shares with the observer his insights into his history, his community and culture through breathtaking glimpses of nature and portraits of chiefs, elders and those who have lived well.  When we view his art, we participate in a story.  First, the viewer is drawn into the magnificence of the beauty of a subject.  Then our eyes begin to see the minute beauty of the details: the totality of which create deep emotion and understanding.

Each picture is a co-creation between artist and Spirit, with a deep connection to Mother Earth, representing a foundation from which both he and his people endure.

Roland weaves the beauty of the Stony People, their language, culture and history into tangible works of art.

Roland has distinguished himself also as a mentor to other emerging artists, inspiring many to see life more fully and with a profound sense of gratitude.

Roland has pursued formal studies in art at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, the University of Calgary, and the Banff School of Fine Arts. By his own admission, however, his greatest learning has come through personal observation and respectful listening, and Nature and his Elders themselves teach Roland how they want to be depicted. Roland pays attention and carries out their wishes.

In March of 2010, Roland was honoured by being commissioned by Parks Canada to paint a large (90”x130”) mural to be place in the renovated Cave and Basin Historical Site in Banff Alberta.  This sacred and historic site is of great significance to the Stoney People and all Canadians.